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This was, Sean-Bean-like, a busy summer for me. First, it was Sharpes Challenge in London, then, during the Muenchner Filmfest, Stormy Monday came back for two days on the big screen. And as if this hadn't been enough (and perhaps it wasn't enough for this really looong summer) suddenly, the Filmgods (or a little, enterprising film-firm) decided, that we would have to have Caravaggio! Yes, Derek Jarman, and isn't that Germany a lovely grandmother you can adore? So benign to us, giving as a goodie, a praliné most delicious and in a package of pristine clearness.

I had never seen this film and would have even gone in the latenight show (22:30 h - puh! on Wednesday, not the most appealing time, when you know, that you have to drive after that an hour home, and stand up earrrrly in the morning again. ) But our luck held and they announced in the cinema that there would be two more screenings, on Saturday/Sunday always at 17:15 h. Now, that sounded much more appealing and gave this visit a leisurely feeling.

It was a small cinema here in Muenchen, the screening was really digital, so with a very clear picture and astonishingly many people who wanted to see it. One must also consider, that this was the first day of Oktoberfest, meaning that actually everybody had to be on the Wies'n! Everybody? No, a few brave cultural partisans recklessy gave resistance - and fell for the powers of a grandiose visual vison instead.

Right. Derek Jarman, British. Films the life of Caravaggio, Renaissance Painter, Italian. Actors: British. Light: Heavenly. Figures: Very Earthly.


Suddenly: Ranuccio - gulp, Sch.....eibenkleister, he CAN'T be so young (!) so strong (!) so emotional (!) we look at him, we want him. Who made the film? Yes. Jarman. That. one. is. gay. Zefix, nobody can tell me, HE didn't want him! The Sean is beautiful. But WE want him.

Then comes Tilda Swinton, and, astonishingly enough, so she had him, she didn't REALLY want him. In a way, that is good, because there are already already enough people around who want him.

... And oh yes... Actor playing Ranuccio: Sean Bean, young (!) blond (!) beautiful (!) at the same time: dangerous (!) mean (!) dirty (!) greedy (!) and sooo desireable ..

.. from a strictly cultural and intellectual point of view, as a critic of a film, you understand (!) It is of course a Jarman Film. You have to try to see his radical one sided point of view. You have to try, to see the film through his eyes. It's not easy, but It's worth it. Of course, then, when you look at Caravaggios paintings, I have one here,
you realise, that it is us looking through the eyes of Jarman who looked through the eyes of Caravaggio. The Light. The Subject he painted. The pouting of this so unholy John the Baptist .... hah! Nobody can tell me, C. didn't want him....

And the film, that is actually a painting (or many paintings) goes on with some strange Brecht's breakings, as if too put a barriere sometimes into the flow of pictures. The pure emotion of drowning in the light and darkness, the compositions, the faces, is suddenly broken by the noice of a typewriter that doesn't fit in and your brain starts working again, you can abstract from what you see...

Thoughts: Caravaggio doesn't look at all happy with his painting. He seems more, as if he suffers from it, like a disease, he can't escape from. He looks at his models, as if he wants to take their soul, because out of a not understandable reason he just have to ban it on the canvas. And Jarman seems the same. He seems to HAVE to create films, have to bring a vision to the screen, but a vision of true people, as if also he wants to have, to capture their essence... And it is painful for him, and he doesn't like it, because he fears he might through the very process destroy what he wants to hold, like Caravaggio kills in the end Ranuccio, and then, there seems only pain left...

Yes. After that, Reality seems a little bit tame....but it is still summer, and life IS beautiful ;-)

Viele Gruesse aus Muenchen
rg, 26. September 2006



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Darsteller: Sean Bean, Tilda Swinton, Garry Cooper, Terry Nigel
Regisseur: Derek Jarman
Sprache: Englisch (with German Subtitles)
Bildseitenformat: 16:9
FSK: Freigegeben ab 12 Jahren
Studio: Salzgeber & Co. Medien GmbH
DVD-Erscheinungstermin: 26. September 2006
Spieldauer: 93 Minuten
DVD Features: Interviews mit Tilda Swinton, ..., Special Feature from Prof. Dr. Klaus Krüger, read by him, mixed with stills and scenes from the film

can be directly ordered with: : 22,90 Euro
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