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20. April 2012 Der schon im Frühjahr 2011 abgedrehte zweite Teil zu "Silent Hill" ist nun fertiggestellt und hat einen amerikanischen Verleih gefunden. Dieser hat vor kurzem bekanntgeben, dass das Sequel am 26. Oktober 2012 - also zu Halloween - in den USA in die Kinos kommen soll. Ein deutscher Verleih ist bisher nicht bekannt. Deshalb gibt es die erste Site zu "Silent Hill - Revelation" nunmehr zunächst auch nur auf hier in der englischen Fassung. Silent Hill - Revelation
    Da alles was gerade neu ist, jetzt immer auf Facebook steht, poste ich hier nun die Sachen, die länger als ein paar Tage von Interesse sein dürften! Habe 2012 nun "nachgearbeitet" - Da "Game of Thrones" bei uns im Fernsehen lief und außerdem in England der Indie-Film "Cleanskin" in die Kinos kam (mehr darüber später) und dann noch die Serie "Missing" (auch hierüber mehr später) in den USA angelaufen ist, war sehr viel Material vorhanden, das gesichtet und zugeordnet werden wollte. Hier sind nun die allgemeinen Sachen, Direkt auf den jeweiligen Film bezogene Artikel/Infos usw. sind dann auf der jeweiligen Seite gepostet. Für "Spieglein, Spieglein", der ja seit Ostern auch bei uns in den Kinos ist, ist die Seite schon angelegt. Ich wünsche viel Spaß Lesen/Ansehen :-) rg 17. April 2012
11. März 2012 11.03.2012

Sean Bean: 'I got pretty good at walking in high heels'

The Sheffield lad, raised on football and Old Labour, has played tough guys for most of his acting career but jumped at the part of transvestite Tracie. Genevieve Roberts meets Sean Bean

GENEVIEVE ROBERTS Sunday 11 March 2012

Sean Bean on his latest role as a transvestite: 'I got pretty good at walking in high heels' Jason Alden

Smooth arms and hairless legs are not something I associate with Sean Bean – a man who oozes testosterone. Nor indeed is finding three pairs of high heels in his kitchen. But Britain's toughest action hero has just finished filming the role of transvestite Tracie in Jimmy McGovern's award-winning television series Accused, which will be broadcast this year – and the smooth limbs, and shoes he wore to practice his heel walk, remain.

"I got pretty good at it, walking on cobblestones and all sorts. I had a full body wax, the high heels, short skirts, bras – everything – it was proper full-on," he says in his deep Sheffield accent. "I became totally absorbed: it was wonderful being involved in it, I just didn't want to leave it, the character. I became very close to Tracie. It's a brilliant script: very moving, very dark humour."

It's a far cry from the tough-guy films that are his stock in trade. His latest role in Cleanskin, for example, sees him play a secret service agent on the trail of a young Muslim student who becomes radicalised at university and joins a terrorist cell. The student (the eponymous "cleanskin") is unknown to the spooks, but Bean must track him and stop him before he can wreak further havoc. "It tries to explain how things can deteriorate in the sense that you've got a young British citizen, who's bright and politically aware, and who gets drawn into a terrorist organisation," he explains.

Bean claims he still gets an adrenalin rush from action scenes, though he admits that leaping around isn't always the first thing on his mind. And at (an albeit youthful) 52, he may feel like he's done his fair share of shooting. "At five or six in the morning, you think, 'Hell, I've just got out of bed, I don't want to jump around like that'. Like all things with film – the cold, the bad times, the exhaustion – you just forget," he says.

Before our interview, I was told that I cannot ask Bean any personal questions. He fiercely safeguards his private life, which involves four marriages and four divorces. The last of these, to Georgina Sutcliffe, ended after the police had been called out to their home on three occasions over domestic disputes.

So, I know I'm straying into dangerous territory when I broach the subject of Bean's romantic history. "I just don't like to talk about it," he says. Is it because he feels he made mistakes? Or because it's no one else's business? He laughs as he deflects my clumsy approaches. "They all try," he says, sagely.

He's currently single, and "just seeing how it goes", while gardening and cycling around Belsize Park: it doesn't sound like tough-guy behaviour, even when he adds that he occasionally rides on the pavement or the wrong way down a one-way street.

He spends a lot of time with his three daughters; Lorna, 24, and Molly, 20, daughters of Bean's second wife Melanie Hill, and Evie, 14, from his marriage to Abigail Cruttenden. And while it may be within "personal question territory", Bean cannot hide his pride. "Lorna is training to be a teacher, so hopefully she might be working professionally in September," he says. "It's the last thing I expected her to do. She was quite rebellious when she was younger, and has turned into this person who wants to learn and teach and impart her learning to other people. It's wonderful."

Bean has been accused of being withdrawn, quiet, almost sullen in interviews. But he comes across as laid-back, friendly and funny. Either he has mellowed with age, or it's a testament to his great acting ability. He smokes while chatting about his respect for Old Labour ("Tony Benn – fantastic"), his intention to visit family in Sheffield more often, and his repeated attempts to give up his steady, 20-a-day habit. "I'm going to try again, but I was trying every day, I just thought, I might as well smoke, and stop worrying about it," he concludes.

Bean, a dedicated Sheffield United fan, grew up dreaming of becoming a star on the football pitch (see When Saturday Comes), rather than on screen. "Where I come from, all of us wanted to be footballers," he says. "We played all the time; that's all we did at school or wherever, until it went dark and you couldn't see the ball. But I wasn't as skilled as I thought I was," he admits.

From there, he worked on the cheese counter at M&S and started training to become a welder, before swapping for the arts and graduating from Royal Academy of Dramatic Art. His breakthrough came playing Richard Sharpe in the television adaptation of Bernard Cornwell's Napoleonic war novels. He's now better known as Boromir from The Lord of the Rings ("We didn't know at the time how big an epic it would be," he remembers) and for playing lots of fighty types, such as a terrorist in Patriot Games and a Bond villain in GoldenEye.

"I used to play a lot of villains. You have to break out of it and I did. I'm playing all right people now." In Mirror Mirror: The Untold Adventures of Snow White, released next month, he plays the benevolent father alongside Julia Roberts's evil queen. "It was a feel-good film, and I was happy in it, a kindly old king."

Having played bad boys and bully boys, caring fathers and lovers (it may be approaching two decades since filming, but he is unlikely to be forgotten as Mellors in Lady Chatterley), Bean says he has no "burning desire" to try any particular role, but prefers to see what is thrown at him. "Who would have thought I'd have been dressing up as a woman and embracing that? It just came out of the blue and it was one of the most enjoyable things I've ever done, one of the things I'm most proud of. I just think I could never have invented that."




funny blog comments from photographer Jason Aldon about this interview here on his webpage:


ITN, 7 March 2012

Sean Bean, who is promoting his new film Clean Skin, says if he wasn't an actor, he'd be searching through skips for things to sell. . Report by Katie Lamborn. Like us on Facebook at and follow us on Twitter at

source: youtube, ITN

7. März 2012

ITN, 7 March 2012

Sean Bean gets saucy on condiments

Wed Mar 07 2012 18:25

Sean Bean can't stop getting saucy about the Sheffield-based condiment Henderson's Relish.

He couldn't keep quiet about his favourite sandwich filler when talking about his new film Cleanskin.

"It's the best relish in the world," he said, "everyone should try it, it's better than any other."

He didn't stop there: "The company sent me two gallons and you only need a tiny bit on your fish and chips so it will last me 14 years!"

It is not thought that there have been any independent tests which conclude Henderson's is better than any other sauce on the market.


you can also watch the video with the interview under this link :-)


Sean Bean To Star In 13 Uur Adaptation?
March 7th, 2012

Deon Meyer’s Crime Novel 13 Uur (Thirteen Hours) could soon be adapted for the big screen, with British actor Sean Bean a candidate to play the lead.

Bean would assume the role of South African super sleuth Bennie Griessel, as he battles the booze and the bad guys in search of an innocent girl.

British producers Malcolm Kholl and Robert Fig first showed an interest in the film two years ago, and now Meyer has revealed to Die Burger that negotiations may conclude in March.

Along with Bean, who has starred in such mega hits as The Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones, 007 director Roger Spottiswood has also been linked with the project.

“No contracts have been signed thus far and everything is still pending,” said Meyer (pictured above).

“It is a lengthy process, but I am cautiously optimistic about the trilogy.”

Meyer was asked to write the screenplay himself, but he felt he was too close to his characters to adapt them for the screen.

“I was asked, but I declined. A book and a screenplay are two different mediums and cannot be compared. The best film has to be taken from the book. I have characters and scenes that I care about and therefore I am not objective enough to write the screenplay.”

He admitted to being a fan of Sean Bean’s work on Game of Thrones, and voiced a hope that the actor would join the project.

“I would be very pleased if Sean Bean could play Bennie Griessel. I recently saw his work on Game of Thrones and it was phenomenal.

“I am saddened that the role cannot go to a local actor, but for the film to be distributed internationally and to be successful a well known cast is required.”

Infanta (Devil’s Peak), the first Bennie Griessel book, won Meyer an ATKV prize, while its sequel, 13 Uur, bagged him the American Barry prize for Best Thriller. In November, the third instalment, 7 Dae, was released to critical acclaim.



The Telegraph, 7 March 2012

Bean’s wild birds
With a CV that boasts starring roles in The Lord of the Rings and the James Bond film GoldenEye, Sean Bean is now courted by casting agents. The actor has, however, a rather modest ambition. “I’m interested in doing a wildlife show, but nothing like Springwatch, as that’s pretty boring”, he says at the premiere of Cleanskin at the Mayfair Hotel. He adds: “I would like to do something adventurous. A show with birds of prey would be good.”


7. März 2012
6. März 2012

Sean Bean on YouTube 'death reel': 'Boromir is my favourite'

Published Tuesday, Mar 6 2012, 14:22 GMT | By Simon Reynolds

If there's one thing you can (almost) guarantee when watching a film or TV show starring Sean Bean, it's that the Brit actor will bite the dust in spectacular fashion. Whether it's being caught in a bovine stampede (The Field), blown apart by Harrison Ford (Patriot Games) or getting shot in the head by Christian Bale (Equilibrium), Hollywood knows how to give Bean a big send-off. James Bond movie GoldenEye even sees Bean's Alec Trevelyn die twice (sort of) - first appearing to go out in a factory explosion before later plummeting hundreds of feet to his doom from a satellite control tower. Digital Spy recently caught up with the Cleanskin star to ask if he's aware of the 'Sean Bean Death Reel', which currently has more than 750,000 views on YouTube.

Bean names his Lord of the Rings exit as Boromir as his favourite, while his role as Spence in Ronin - though it didn't result in him biting the dust - is a character he wanted to spend more time with. "It was a really good character, and he just went after about a third of the film," Bean said. "When it came out everyone was saying, 'You should have been in it longer'. The director, John Frankenheimer, said, 'I wish we had kept you in longer. Wouldn't it be great, Sean, if you were in longer?' Yeah, it f**king would!" Watch the original Sean Bean Death Reel below:

Cleanskin opens in UK cinemas on March 9.



2. März 2012 Folgt diesem link: um ein nettes, kleines Interview mit Sean Bean anzusehen, indem er über britische versus amerikanische Schaupieler spricht :-)    

Diesen Artikel sollte man sich nicht entgehen lassen :-)


25th February 2012
By Daily Star reporter

TOUGH guy actor Sean Bean has become a big hit with gays after dressing as a transvestite for a TV drama. The Bond villain, 52, took the role in forthcoming BBC show The Accused. He tells ITV1’s Jonathan Ross Show tonight: “They gave me practice heels to walk in that really hurt. “I had a wig to put on as well which made me feel a bit better. Now some guy fancies me in Sheffield, apparently.”




Hier ein Gespräch mit Sean Bean in der Jonathan Ross Show, UK: Es macht Spaß zuzusehen und zuzuhören. Sean spricht über "Herr der Ringe", "Sharpe", seinen neuen Indie-Film "Cleanskin" und den vor kurzem abgedrehten TV-Film (UK) "Accused". Talks about Lord of the Rings, Sharpe, Cleanskin and Accused

Video mit Dank an Govi von the, die das ganze auf youtube gepostet hat...

25. Februar 2012
8. Februar 2012

Der Herr Bean als "Patron":

Patron Sean steps in

Published on Wednesday 8 February 2012 11:05

A SURPRISE announcement really made the night for young members of a Parkgate theatre group.

At their third anniversary awards night, held at the Fitzwilliam Arms Hotel, Parkgate, STEPS Productions’ members were told that actor Sean Bean has agreed to be their patron.

The news - received by telephone - just added to the celebrations of the young people, who in three years have staged sell-out productions AND raised thousands of pounds for charity.

Twenty-one year old Ash White is the producer/director of STEPS, and offers seven to 19 year olds the chance to shine on stage.

From the first show ‘Dancing through Life’ in 2009, the group went on to perform cabarets, and the following year a sell-out debut musical ‘Boogie Nights’.

There were further performances throughout 2010, and last year a charity concert for the late Rawmarsh soldier James Leverett raised £1,700 for his partner who was due to have his baby.

Another £1000 resulted from ‘One Night Only’ that enabled the group to stage ‘Annie Warbucks’ - a sell-out, at Rotherham Civic Theatre. In the autumn, STEPS raised £900 for Tickled Pink breast cancer, and entertained at the Rotherham Hospice Fashion Show, that made £1,459. Their ‘Back to the Movies’ resulted in £500 for the Sick Children’s Trust. A first pantomime, Cinderella, took place last November, prior to STEPS’ members hosting a bash for over 70 local pensioners!

Special Achievement Awards went to Matt Symonds, Steve Mycock, Josh Paget, Ellise Osborne, Sam Shirtliffe and Rosie Ibbotson, and Membership Awards to Sam Hague, Sian McMillan and Eleanor Hewitt, with a Gold Star to Adam Wigglesworth. Ash said: “We are grateful for all the support we have had, and greatly appreciate people’s belief in us and all their hard work”. STEPS members are currently rehearsing for ‘Seussical the Musical’ to take place at Rotherham Civic Theatre from June 18 to 21 this year.




Game of Thrones - Preise


VIEL Tamm und Tamm um Game of Thrones: JA, sie haben einen Preis gewonnen: Scream Award für "Beste TV-Show". Na, wenn das nichts ist? Und Sean Bean war bei der Scream Awards Show von "Spike TV" (USA).

Ausgestrahlt wurde das gestern auf Spike TV, das Event hat am Samstag stattgefunden. Sean, ganz im Gentleman-Stil in einem sehr gut sitzenden Anzug wurde begleitet von drei reizenden Damen und scheint es ziemlich genossen zu haben.

Auf dem schwarzen Teppich:


Lustiges kleines Video - 58 sec., gibt einen guten Eindruck von der Atmosphäre vor Ort, kurzer Schnipsel mit Sean Bean und Töchtern irgendwo in der zweiten Hälfte des Videos. ...

und eine Menge Photos schwirren durch die Weiten des Webs, am besten vielleicht hier anschauen auf


15. - 18. Oktober 2011 hat seinen eigenen Wettbewerb abgehalten für Game of Thrones - 1. Staffel und Sean Bean war hier der große Gewinner :-)

Bester Schauspieler, Beste dramatische Szene, Beste Episode...

Wir gratulieren. :-)



wie bestimmt dem einen oder anderen aufgefallen ist, war ich heuer furchtbar hintendran - aber der Bean Sean hat mich einfach überwältigt - viel Stress im Job auf meiner Seite, viel Stress im Job auf Seans Seite - oder mit anderen Worten, er war fleißig! Und dann noch der ganze Hype auf den englischsprachigen Seiten wegen Game of Thrones! Klasse, natürlich, aber irgendwann war einfach alles viel zu viel... Nun ja, Game of Thrones läuft ja jetzt in Kürze ab 2. November bei uns im Fernsehen auf TNT Serie, also eine schöne Gelegenheit um wieder voll einzusteigen.

Und hier habe ich nachgeholt, was sich so seit Jahresanfang sonst noch alles an Infos gefunden hat.

Und was ganz aktuell im weltweiten Netz so auftaucht, gibt's jetzt auch immer auf Facebook, dass hauptsächlich von EFi auf dem Laufenden gehalten wird. Einfach den Link anklicken, dann kann man sehen, was neu ist (und muß auch nicht unbedingt Mitglied werden, um das sehen zu können):

Wie immer viel Spaß beim durchstöbern. --- rg

14. Oktober 2011  
1. August 2011

...und dann war da noch der Yorkshire Day! Hier ein gut gelaunter Artikel, mehr für Insider, aber amüsant zu lesen und nach Sean Bean zu fahnden :-)


...und dann waren da noch die Nominierungen für die "Emmy"-Awards. In "Game of Thrones" sehen wir Sean "at his best", es ist auch genereller Konsens, das er die 1. Staffel trägt. Trotzdem wird er nicht einmal für die "Emmys" nominiert.

Dieser Reporter drückt perfekt aus, was viele fühlten:

"Other Issues: There's an exceptional new HBO series called Game of Thrones. I know you've heard of it because you nominated it for outstanding drama series. Well, anyway, the guy who had the most screen time -- Sean Bean as Ned Stark? Yeah, really nailed it. Really needs to be on this list."



Ja, allen Ernstes! Aber keine Bange, Sean spielt nicht die Titelrolle :-) Er gibt - wieder einmal - einen Papa, nämlich den ihren, und die Julia Roberts ist die Stiefmama, also die zweite Frau von dem Papa... Alles klar? Na dann ist's ja klar :-)


17. Juli 2011
ab Juni/Juli 2011

Eine neue US-Serie, in der Sean Bean neben Ashley Judd spielt. Er war mittlerweile in Venedig, Istanbul, und wahrscheinlich auch Prag und noch einigen anderen Ländern, um hier seine Szenen zu drehen. Er sagt dazu, dass es eine interessante Serie ist, die ein Gefühl wie die "Bourne Identität" hat.

Er tritt immer wieder als eine Art Mahner oder ähnliches aus dem Jenseits auf, ja, wieder einmal tot, der arme Mann, um seiner Frau (Ashley Judd) auf der Suche nach ihrem gemeinsamen Sohn zu helfen.


Sean Bean verteidigt die Ehre seiner Begleiterin! Im wirklichen Leben. Und obwohl er eine Schnittverletzung am Arm davon trägt, winkt er ab, will keinen Arzt und läßt sich nur einen Drink geben. Die Story wandert um die Welt und trägt ihm viel Bewunderung ein!

Hier der Ausschnitt aus einem Zeitungsbericht dazu:

Quelle: Daily Mail

Sean Bean 'stabbed' in the arm following a row over glamour model April Summers
By Ben Todd, Inderdeep Bains and Chris Greenwood
Last updated at 7:17 PM on 14th June 2011

"...He became known to millions as the rugged, hero soldier in historical drama Sharpe.

And now actor Sean Bean has proven once and for all that his tough-guy image is not just fictional.

The Daily Mail has learned that Bean was `stabbed' in the arm following a row over a beautiful young model.

The four-time married star was apparently attacked outside the Hill Bar and Brasserie in Camden, North West London late on Sunday evening. Mr Bean was said to have a cut arm and a bruised face, according to witnesses. However, extraordinarily, he declined to attend hospital. Instead, the star walked back into the bar and, after staff gave him aid from a first aid kit, ordered another drink.

A member of staff said: `Sean is a regular here and we've never had any problems before. He was with a very attractive woman and an incident occurred outside the bar. `He came in with a cut on his arm and a bruise on his eyebrow. We saw to his injuries with the first aid kit.He seemed ok and wanted to have another drink.'

The row began when Mr Bean, 52, and April Summers - a glamour model who is 30 years his junior who had gone to the bar with him - were standing outside, having a cigarette.

Miss Summers – whose real name the Daily Mail understands is Nadia Foster – lives close to Mr Bean in the same area. According to witnesses, a passer-by then made lewd comments about Miss Summers, a topless model who has appeared in a number of UK lads' magazines as well as the Italian edition of Playboy.

Sean, who is most well known for his role in Sharpe, was attacked outside the Hill Bar and Brasserie in Camden, North West London late on Sunday evening. As a result, Mr Bean followed the man down the road to challenge him.

Later in the evening, Mr Bean went out for another cigarette and was then attacked by a man. The star, who lives close by, was said to have been stabbed in the arm – believed to be with a broken glass - and punched in the face, according to witnesses. Police were then called...."


14. Juni 2011  
  10. Mai 2011

Voice over von Sean Bean für dieses anrührende Video, dass nicht im TV gezeigt werden durfte. Dieser Kommentar steht mit dem Video auf youtube:

We're not allowed to show this ad on TV because the future of the Children's Heart Surgery Unit is deemed too political and controversial. The ad features Yorkshire's very own Sean Bean.

10. Mai 2011 Pan

Neues Projekt für Sean Bean?


Düstere Version von Peter Pan mit Sean Bean und Aaron Eckhart
von Elisabeth Maurer, am 10.5.11

Zuerst wollte Guillermo Del Toro die düstere Variante der Peter Pan Geschichte inszenieren. Jetzt wird Ben Hibon das Drehbuch von Benjamin Magid umsetzen.

Die Besetzung einiger Hauptrollen ist auch schon bekannt, so wird Aaron Eckhart (zuletzt in World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles zu sehen) Hook spielen. Dieser jedoch ist kein Pirat, sondern ein traumatisierter Detektiv, der einen Entführer in der Gestalt eines Kindes - Peter Pan - verfolgt.

An seiner Seite steht Sean Bean als weiterer Detektiv und einziger Vertrauter von Hook.

Die junge Schauspielerin AnnaSophia Robb spielt Wendy, die in dieser Variante das einzige Mädchen ist, das einen Übergriff des Entführers überlebte, und nun bei der Jagd auf ihn hilft. Auch wenn Del Toro die naheliegendere Wahl für Pan gewesen wäre und auch wesentlich mehr Erfahrung mitbringt als der Schweizer Hibon, weckt die Verdrehung der altbekannten Kindergeschichte Erwartungen.

Drehstart soll im Oktober in Osteuropa sein.

Quelle: Comingsoon


Quelle: Screen Daily

Essential to commence sales on Pan starring Eckhart, Robb
10 May, 2011 | By Jeremy Kay

Aaron Eckhart and AnnaSophia Robb will star in the dark spin on Peter Pan that was originally set up at New Line as a directing vehicle for Guillermo del Toro.

Ben Hibon will direct the story from a screenplay by Ben Magid in which Eckhart plays Hook, the Captain Hook character reimagined as a tormented former detective on the trail of a childlike kidnapper. Robb, riding high following the solid recent launch of Soul Surfer, will portray Wendy, the lone survivor who leaves an asylum to help in the hunt.

Sean Bean has been cast as Smee, the chief detective and Hook's only ally on the force. Essential Entertainment expects to kick off pre-sales in Cannes this week ahead of an October start in Eastern Europe.

Sentient's Renee Tab and Social Capital's Christopher Tuffin and Martin Shore are producing alongside Energy Entertainment's Brooklyn Weaver. Molinare's Andrew Boswell will serve as a co-producer and Molinarie and Social Capital are jointly financing and producing.



Interessantes Interview mit Sean Bean in "LA Times", Sean spricht über "Game of Thrones" und sein Leben...

Quelle: LA Times

‘Game of Thrones’ star Sean Bean: ‘Life keeps putting a sword in my hand’

April 11, 2011 | 5:26 a.m.

The sun was down but the hotel bar was bright when Sean Bean arrived and took a table in the only shadowy corner of the patio — or maybe the corner was no different than the rest and it was the actor who brought bit of hushed winter along with him just like the Irish beer in his hand.  The 51-year-old Brit has sad eyes but an easy smile and after making small talk the topic turned to his latest project, the ambitious HBO fantasy series “Game of Thrones.” He is clearly enthused about the show, which premieres next Sunday, but at one point he sounded like a world-weary knight summoned for yet another quest.

“I like playing guys with swords and the horses and stuff like that,” Bean said. “It’s good. But it’d be nice to do something else, maybe a bit of comedy, something more light-hearted? I don’t know. I just take things as they come — I don’t have an agenda — and life keeps putting a sword in my hand or so it seems.”

For fans of clanging-metal epics, there are few things more interesting than the reluctant warrior with a storied past and for “Thrones” it seems Bean fits the bill both on- and off-screen.  The actor thrives in movies where hard-hearted men make difficult choices and he’s shown he can hold the screen opposite of any big-name star, be it Harrison Ford in “Patriot Games,” Robert DeNiro in “Ronin” or Nicolas Cage in “National Treasure.” But for movie fans around the globe he will forever be the noble Boromir from Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Rings” film trilogy.

“It was very special and I think we all look back on it and realize what it meant to people,” Bean said. “Things like that are usually once in a lifetime. It’s been a dozen years now since we were there making it and it doesn’t seem that long.”

There have been other roles of antiquity or myth — Bean played Odysseus in the 2004 film “Troy” and Zeus in the 2010 movie “Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief” — but, no surprise, Middle-earth stays with Bean in special ways. One of them is the shoulder tattoo of the number nine (written in the tengwar script created by J.R.R. Tolkien) that he shares with Orlando Bloom, Ian McKellen, Elijah Wood, Viggo Mortensen and other actors who portrayed the nine members of the Fellowship of the Ring.

In “Thrones,” Bean portrays Eddard “Ned” Stark, the earnest but flawed Lord of Winterfell, a man who finds dark forces gathering against him after the death of his king and mentor. The series is taken from the fantasy novels of author George R.R. Martin and weaves a television tapestry of royal courts, betrayal, magical menace, incest and clanging medieval metal.

Though many people will turn to Tolkien for comparisons, Bean sees the show as close kin to “The Sopranos” even if the landscape is a bit different.

“It’s like gangster movie and there’s a lot of subtle and scary language, a lot of men of power who are watching each other and plotting in this nest of vipers,” Bean said. “At one point, Ned, to save his children, he has to lie, he has to strike a deal and it’s a horrible situation. But I can say no more. The story is vicious and backstabbing and I have to say I enjoyed it, as an actor and as an audience. There’s something in that which captures our attention and our anger.”

Bean added that “Thrones” should not be mistaken for “The Hobbit“: “‘Lord of the Rings’ was more magical and ephemeral and this fantasy conflict between clear good and clear evil. This is much more disturbing. This is not something that children should be watching. George Martin looks like Santa Claus but he’s got a wonderfully disturbed mind.”

The show, created by David Benioff and Dan Weiss, is an expensive and intriguing gamble for HBO. Much has been made of the sex and violence of the show but the real test of audience taste will be the show’s conversation-heavy stretches, the complicated latticework of the plot and the fact that several key characters will need to be killed off to stay loyal to Martin’s source material.

“If you’re HBO you can afford to take that risk but then again it’s admirable to make a go of it with something that is so bizarre,” Bean said. “You could make another detective show or another cowboy story but this, you have something so strange and characters that are like ‘The Godfather,’ you just want to know how it all ends.”

Bean lives a vagabond life — with a wry chuckle he brags that he once “survived” a nine-month stay at the Four Seasons Hotel while working here in Los Angeles — and he jokingly concedes that he ever wrote a memoir it could be called “The Black Suitcase.” “I can’t let Martin help me write it, though, who knows what he’d put in the suitcase. ‘The head of my enemy…’”

Bean’s mailing address is in London but more and more, he says, he finds his greatest comfort in the old stone cottage he’s restored in his native Sheffield. He loves to paint and work in the garden and spend time with his three daughters, who grew up with their mother in England. The youngest of the three, Eva, 12, was traveling with Bean on this trip to the States and he sighed when he explained that she was more interested in room service trays and on-demand movies than visiting museums or the beach.

Bean shrugged and smiled. He has been married and divorced four times and acknowledges that he has mixed feelings about a life where he has been very good at moving but not so great at standing still. Bean said his daughters may not hold grudges at this point. “They’re actresses,” he explained. “The older they get the more they realize what you were doing when they were growing up and while you were away for awhile. It’s a good thing.”

The suitcase years began back in Sheffield, where his father was a success with a fabrication shop and the money was good. His son was expected to join in welding trade but a different path presented itself.

“My mother and father raised their eyebrows at first when I said I wanted to be an actor because I was in this industrial city,” Bean said. “My dad had done a bit of boxing on the side but he was a welder first and foremost. I was 17 and I said ‘I want to be an actor.’ They worried it was a waste of time. I went [on scholarship] to Royal Academy of Dramatic Art in London which felt like 10,000 miles away from home and I came out of there really feeling good. But it was hard to explain at home for a long time.”

Bean’s formal training is the foundation but he said that any success he’s found comes from something less calculated. He stays within himself quite a lot as an actor and finds that less is more, especially in roles where peril and heartbreak do the heavy lifting for him.

“You’re always learning stuff and learning about yourself and the big thing is you really can’t manufacture it and copy other people,” Bean said. “You can’t follow another actor’s performance. You can’t be Robert DeNiro because you’re not Robert DeNiro and, you know, he is.”

No one is happier to have Bean in the series than Martin, the author who began the source material — a series of novels called “A Song of Ice and Fire” — in 1991.

“These characters have been part of me for ages and to have someone like Sean in it, it’s very satisfying,” Martin said. “He was always the fan favorite for the role of Ned. When the books become popular, the fans always start casting the movies and they put up ‘dream casts’ on the Internet with major stars for every role. Tom Cruise brings someone a drink and has two lines. But Sean was the one they wanted as Ned from the start and with good reason.”

Bean said he is “getting pretty excited” as the premiere date gets closer. Asked why, he explained: On the set of any large-ensemble project, if everyone is both fortunate and prepared, there comes a moment when all of it really clicks for the first time — it’s like a band finding its groove.

In Bean’s view, that happened for “Thrones” during the third week of filming (which was done in Northern Ireland, Malta and Scotland). “There was a conference in this great chamber and the sets were stunning with great craftsmanship, so it was an impressive setting,” Bean said. “The scene was with King Robert and all his associates and my character is there trying to protect Daenerys Targaryen, this young girl that is viewed as a threat. It’s a massive conflict and it was a difficult scene with everyone talking at once and so much going on politically and socially and, beneath it all, there’s the life of this young girl on the line. That was the defining point for me. That’s when we got the feeling of how this was going to turn out to be. And it was pretty epic.”

— Geoff Boucher



  11. April 2011
März - Mai 2011 Silent Hill 2

Lange genug habe ich versucht, diese Filmarbeiten zu ignorieren, aber ich komme wohl doch nicht drumherum ein paar Zeilen dazu zu schreiben. Die Dreharbeiten fanden von ca. März bis Mai 2011 in Toronto statt. Im ersten Teil hat Sean Bean den Pappa gespielt, Chris DaSilva. Hier nun spielt er den "Harry" - und ich habe ehrlich gesagt keine Ahnung (und will's auch gar nicht wissen) wer das nun wieder ist. Außerdem ist der Film auch noch in 3D.

Hier ist noch ein link zum Blog des Regisseurs Michael J. Bassett:

wenn man lange genug zurückscrollt schreibt er auch über die Filmarbeiten zu "Silent Hill 2" mit ein paar netten Bemerkungen über Sean Bean.

Möglicherweise also genau deshalb ein "Muß" - Sean Bean in 3D! Immerhin!! Aber wiegt das die bestimmt gräßlichen Scheußlichkeiten auf, die man dann ja auch dreidimensional angucken muß?? Schwierige Fragen!

Immerhin, hier einige nette Bemerkungen von Kit Harrington, mit dem Sean Bean in Game of Thrones zusammengespielt hat:

Quelle: Auszug aus Interview mit Kit Harrington vom 08. Juli 2011 /

...Harington said it was a fantastic coincidence he got to work alongside Sean Bean again on Silent Hill: Revelation 3D after playing Bean's bastard son in Game Of Thrones.

" 'Silent Hill' gave me more experience in front of the camera, which was great, and of course I love working with Sean," he said.

"I get on really well with him, which is lucky because it would be a nightmare if I didn't.

"I grew up watching him and it was amazing to work alongside him in 'Game Of Thrones' and then cast together again in Silent Hill which was quite bizarre, but I wouldn't have it any other way."...


27. März 2011

ein Schmankerl für Formel 1 - Fans, und für die, die Sean's Stimme einfach Klasse finden: Voice over von Sean Bean - die ersten 2 Minuten kann man ihn hören - für einen BBC-Beitrag über den Großen Preis von Australien:


Und noch ein interessantes Interview:


My Secret Life: Sean Bean, actor, 51

Interview by Holly Williams

Saturday, 12 February 2011

My parents were... My mum used to work in an office for a business that made steel strings in Sheffield; my dad was a welder and fabricator. It was a bit of a surprise when I told them I wanted to be an actor.

The house/flat I grew up in... was a two-bedroomed old council house, which my parents bought and did up. I still go back there now, they still live there.

When I was a child I wanted to... be an astronaut – I definitely didn't want to be an actor.

If I could change one thing about myself... I'm a bit stubborn and selfish.

You wouldn't know it but I'm very good at... gardening, planting trees and making wildlife ponds – I have a bit of a wild garden.

You may not know it but I'm no good at... Dancing would be top of that list. I stand well back.

At night I dream of... all sorts of things. I sometimes dream I'm getting up and getting ready, then I wake up and I'm still in bed. I think, oh shit – I've got to do it all again.

I wish I had never worn... Speedo trunks.

What I see when I look in the mirror... What sort of question is that? I just see the front of my face. You see an image you're familiar with; but on screen you see all sorts of unfamiliar sides.

I drive... a Ford Ranger pick-up truck.

My house is... quite unusual. It's on the corner of a mews in Belsize Park, and it's like a mini-villa, it has an Italian feel to it. There are lots of trees and lots of light coming in.

My favourite work of art... I just went to Malta and I saw The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist by Caravaggio, which is amazing. I like a lot of Surrealist art, too – Dali and Miro, De Chirico.

My favourite building... Westminster Cathedral.

A book that changed me... The World of Little Foxy by Norman Smithson. I used to read that over and over again as a kid. It was just about a kid growing up in Yorkshire, it's quite innocent.

The last album I bought/downloaded... The latest Kaiser Chiefs album.

Movie heaven... I like a lot of comedies. I like to get away from it all and just have a laugh – I'm not surrounded by comedy in my life. I like really silly things like Dumb and Dumber. Also gangster films like Goodfellas and The Godfather films.

My greatest regret... I once built an aviary for some finches, and I put the caging on, but the gauge was too big so they flew out, and I lost them forever. I didn't get any more – I think I put a ferret in there afterwards.

My real-life villains... Traffic wardens.

The person who really makes me laugh... I have a good friend call Farquhar – well, he's really called Paul – and he makes me laugh very much.

The last time I cried... I think I was watching a film, it's usually watching a film with kids that makes me cry.

My five-year plan... is just to carry on as I am, I don't really have any agendas. I hope I keep working on projects that excite me and interest me. I'd rather be surprised by what comes next than have a plan.

What's the point? Life is there to be enjoyed. It's great to be alive!

My life in six words... Exciting, boring, eventful, unpredictable – always surprising.

A life in brief

Sean Bean was born in Sheffield in 1959. He worked for his father's welding firm before receiving a scholarship to Rada, aged 22, and rose to fame playing the titular character in the popular Sharpe series. Since then, he has appeared in films such as Goldeneye, National Treasure and The Lord of the Rings, and in April, will star in the new HBO series, Game of Thrones. Bean is working with Quaker Oats, rewarding people who make a difference to communities; see for more details. He lives in London and has three children

12. Februar 2011

noch ein weiterer Artikel zum Thema:


Hollywood star Sean Bean drops in to surprise Liverpool's valley Community Theatre young actors

by Dawn Collinson, Liverpool Echo Jan 27 2011

Sean Bean with Martin Ball

YORKSHIRE legend Sean Bean is usually to be found on the Hollywood big screen, or the Brit small screen, taking the all-action lead. So to say it came as quite a surprise to members of Valley Community Theatre when he popped in to their Netherley HQ, would be a massive understatement. In fact, as the theatre group’s director Martin Ball tells Insider, it actually left them in total shock.

“It was incredible,” he says.

The Lord of the Rings star dropped by as part of a new ad campaign for Quaker Oat So Simple which urges the nation’s breakfast eaters to make more of their mornings.

Part of the campaign involves recognising and giving a pat on the back to local heroes who make the most of their own.

Sean not only put in an appearance, but the theatre group’s base was also transformed into a professional movie set for a performance of A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

The surprise visit was organised as a thank you to Martin who works tirelessly with the young actors. He’s been running the group, which offers arts activities, dance and drama for nine-19 year-olds, for the past seven years – five nights a week, free of charge.

And Sean tells Insider he was very impressed with what he saw.

“The grass roots work the Valley Community Theatre has been doing is really helping aspiring actors realise their dreams and raise their self-esteem,” says Sean.

“It’s hardworking groups like these run by Martin which help grow new talent and this should be rewarded. It’s great to see Martin getting the recognition and thanks he deserves from the Quaker Oat So Simple campaign. Saying thank you to people can mean so much – it’s a real motivator to keep on making a difference.”



und hier ein interessantes Interview über seine Beweggründe für sein Engagement für die "Thank you"-Kampagne von Quaker Oats, aber auch über Game of Thrones usw.

Hinweis: Das "Video" auf das im Text hingewiesen wird, steht nicht mehr zur Verfügung.


Oats So Simple as Sean Bean honours local heroes - VIDEO
Published on Friday 21 January 2011 16:52

Fri Jan 21 15:52:55 GMT 2011

MOVIE hunk Sean Bean is no longer the Hollywood villain – he's landed the good guy role in a new Lord Of The Rings style fantasy adventure series.

He's also fronting a new Quaker Oats So Simple TV ad campaign to honour local hereos.

And it's all a welcome change for the Sheffield superstar who was cast as a terrorist in Patriot Games, a double agent in Bond film Golden Eye, a wife-beating ex-con in Essex Boys, a kidnapper-jewel thief in Don't Say a Word and a greedy treasure hunter in National Treasure.

VIDEO: Press the play button to watch our video chat with Sean talking about the Oats So Simple campaign and his upcoming projects.

In Game of Thrones, HBO's upcoming $10 million TV adaptation of the George RR Martin novels A Song of Ice and Fire, he plays commanding officer Lord Eddard "Ned" Stark.

The series, to air in April, is being heavily marketed worldwide as the new big sword-wielding medieval fantasy, a la Lord of the Rings, with a sex-charged fight-for-power plot, like The Tudors or The Sopranos.

Filmed mainly in Northern Ireland and Malta, it chronicles the violent dynastic struggles among noble families for control of the Iron Throne of Westeros – where "summers span decades and winters can last a lifetime".

"But Ned is a good guy. That's a change for me,'' he laughs.

"I suppose I seem drawn to medieval, magical fantasies. I happen to enjoy playing the kind of roles with riding horses, swinging swords, having fights, wearing wigs and growing beards. I do have an affinity to that kind of role.

"I read the book and it's a great part. Knowing it's backed by HBO means its going to be quality and David Benioff is the writer, who I worked with on 'Troy.' It's just a wonderful production."

"The Lord of the Rings was three films but this goes on much, much further and much longer, and there's many more twists and turns."

But as HBO's Game Of Thrones looks set to crown him as king of magical medieval fantasies the Sharpe star is not forgetting his roots.

The 51-year-old is also the new face of a campaign to award unsung community heroes all over the UK.

He's been the voice of TV ads for O2, Morrisons, Barnardos, Acuvue and even the National Blood Service. Now he's fronting a new Oats So Simple TV campaign for breakfast cereal maker Quaker, which is sending out teams to reward people who demonstrate the brand's 'make more of your morning' attitude.

The first TV ad shows Quaker providing new props and costumes for a production of A Midsummer Night's Dream by Valley Community Theatre in Liverpool, which helps kids from less privileged backgrounds. Sean turns up to personally thank its director Martin Ball for his efforts.

And it's the type of thing the down-to-earth movie star does for real.

Four years ago he handed an achievement award to his own local hero – Maurice Littlewood, who has worked tirelessly to improve the neighbourhood, running community groups, organising festivals and environmental improvements in Sean's home village of Handsworth.

Retired engineer Maurice, 75, chairman of Handsworth Forum, also set up Amy's house respite centre for parents of disabled youngsters, in memory of his eight-year-old granddaughter who died of meningitis.

Sean helped to secure a 400,000 makeover for his old stamping ground, towards creating a new community park on the run-down old recreation fields where he remembers playing football with jumpers for goalposts.

"Maurice is a lovely guy and has worked so very hard for the community. He is a local hero,'' Sean told The Star at the time.

The Oats So Simple national tour arrives in Fargate, Sheffield, from Thursday to Saturday, March 3 to 9.

Nominations can also be made on the Quaker website, where you can find more details, including a tour map, at or at



31. Januar 2011 Quaker Oats

Kaum hat das neue Jahr begonnen, schon finden wir den Bean Sean beim Arbeiten - für Quaker Oats hat er für "Thank you" Kampagne an einem Spot teilgenommen.

Hier ist ein nettes Bild von ihm und einige Infos auf deren website:



... und hier überrascht Sean Bean die Darsteller des Spots - wirklich reizend.

...und hier noch "Behind the scenes" Material mit Sean Bean, mit kurzem Interview.



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